Wyandotte County, Kansas

Wyandotte Aging/Elderly Services

Category: Elderly, Food, Medical, Mental Health, Housing

Region: Wyandotte County, Kansas

Community resources for the elderly population in Wyandotte County, KS including social services, mental health services, medical services, independent living services, & much more.

Website: https://www.wycokck.org/Departments/Area-Agency-on-Aging/Resources


Category: Food, Housing, Medical & More

Region: Wyandotte County, Kansas

Resource guide brought to you by KanCare. The services on this list are all available to qualifying Wyandotte County residents but most of these organizations serve areas all across the KC metro area.

Website: https://www.kancare.ks.gov

United Way Wyandotte

Category: Food, Housing, Medical, Employment & More

Region: Wyandotte County, Kansas

United Way of Wyandotte County, KS has a variety of assistance services for health care, food, housing, job training and much more.

Website: https://community.unitedway-wyco.org/servlet/eAndar.article/467/Get-Help

The Help List

Category: Halfway Housing, Addiction, Housing

Region: Wyandotte County, Kansas

This link has more information for housing options in Wyandotte County, KS including the Oxford House for recovering addicts, Bonner Springs Senior Center for the elderly & Shepherd’s Center of Kansas City for the elderly.

Website: https://www.thehelplist.com/co/ks-wyandotte

KCKPL Resources

Category: LGBTQ+, Domestic Abuse Victims, Health, Housing, Refugees, Veterans & more

Region: Wyandotte County, Kansas


Website: https://www.kckpl.org/resources/community/materials.html

We Thryve

Category: Food, Housing, Disabilities, Education, Health, Transit & more

Region: Wyandotte County, Kansas

*Alive and Thrive– life management & food resources and links to Wyandotte County Health Department resources. *Find Help (formerly known as www.AuntBertha.com)– find food assistance, help paying bills, and other free or reduced cost programs including new programs for the COVID-19 pandemic. *Link for Care– resources for people with disabilities (all ages) and for older adults (housing, in-home care, transportation, food resources, etc.). *Uncover– resources for ongoing health, food, basic needs, education, and other resources/services in the community. *KC Common Good– connects people to resources such as legal, housing, mental health, food, and more. *1-800-Children – resources for parents and children, enter your zip code and find resources your area.

Website: https://wethryve.ctb.ku.edu/resources/community-resources-hub/

Need Help Paying Bills

Category: Bill assistance, Housing, Employment, Families, Food & More

Region: Wyandotte County, Kansas

Wyandotte County assistance programs – resources for rent and utility bill assistance, housing counseling, employment services, family development services, food pantries and much more.

Website: https://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/wyandotte_county_assistance_pr.html